Lakeside Rumble



Returning in August 26, 2017 

to the banks of beautiful Lake Junaluska, NC

Outdoor 4-person team event (All-Male, All-Female, Co-Ed)

Registration price is $300/team

Capped at 50 teams

Registration has closed!!!

See you soon!

Featuring locally made Bellyaks!

"A Bellyak is a craft for lay-on-top kayaking…a kayak you ride on 

your belly...combines the best aspects of boating and swimming."

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Brought to you by the team at CrossFit 2311. A portion of the proceeds will benefit

 Haywood Pathways Center. This event will take place at the Lake Junaluska Conference 

and Retreat Center.







Lakeside Rumble WODs

WOD 1 - "Tag Team"
With a continuously running clock, Athlete 1 performs the first 5 min workout, then Athlete 2 performs the second, and then Athlete 3 performs the third. Thus, two are resting. The remaining partner is designated the tagger. He or she can tag in during any of the 5 minute workouts.
750m Row
THR (95/65) (75/45)(Remaining Time)
Assault bike 50 cal
DL (225/165) (185/125) (Remaining Time)
Parallette L sit Hold (90sec Acc) (bent knee scaled)
G2OH (95/65) (75/45) (Remaining Time)

Score is total reps of thrusters, deadlifts, ground to overhead.

WOD 2 - "Cluster"
0:00-7:00 all four athletes establish 1 RM squat clean thruster.
Score is total team weight lifted.

WOD 3 - "Surf’s Up"
This is a relay – One bellyak per team. One team mate paddles out and back around a buoy. The next partner goes and so on until all four people have completed the course. Score is time last person gets back to shore.

WOD 4 - "100's" - 15:00 time cap
Each team has either two 45's (men) two 25's (women), or one of each (co-ed)
3.2.1 go - two athletes sprint with the weights out 50m and back, then the next two go.
Remaining time AMRAP (score)
• 100 pull ups (150 ring rows)
• 100 wall balls (20/14) (14/10)
• 100 hand release push ups
• 100 alternating OH lunges (45/25) (25/10)
Plates must stay off of the ground during the entire AMRAP. 5 rep penalty for each drop; i.e. One athlete working, one resting, two holding plates. Rotate however the team chooses.

Movement Standards



WOD 1 - "Tag Team"
Rower – self explanatory

Thrusters – With the bar in the front rack position, the athlete will squat below parallel and then, in one continuous motion, will stand the bar back up and press it above the head.  Bar must finish with elbows fully extended and arms in line with the ear.

Assault bike  - self explanatory

Deadlift – Feet must be inside of hands (no sumo deadlift) and hands can be placed in any manner the athlete chooses (regular or mixed grip).  The athlete will stand the bar up achieving full hip and knee extension with the shoulders behind the bar at the top of the movement.  At the top of the movement, the athlete may either lower the bar back to the ground, or they may drop the bar from the top of the movement.  In either case, there is no “bouncing” and catching of the bar; athletes can thus do “singles” or “touch and go” style.

Parallette L sit Hold  - RX athletes will maintain two hands on the parallettes while their legs are held directly out in front of them, heels hovering over stacked plates, elbows fully extended.  Time stops when the athlete cannot maintain the heels above the plates.  The hold time for the WOD is cumulative and the athlete may take as many breaks as needed to get the 90 seconds.  Scaled athletes will need to maintain a bent knee and hip position with the feet off of the ground, elbows extended.

G2OH – Any manner of lift may be employed to get the bar off of the ground – squat clean and jerk (any style of jerk) power clean, muscle clean, squat snatch, power snatch, muscle snatch.  The arms must fully lock out over head and the hips and knees must be in full extension with the bar overhead.  The athlete may use any /all of the aforementioned techniques and they do not have to stay with one technique. 

WOD 2 - "Cluster"
 A cluster is a squat clean into a thruster.  The athlete must catch the clean and descend into a full, below parallel squat, without a pause at the top (i.e. no power clean + front squat).  However, it is not necessary that the catch occurs in the bottom of the squat; an athlete can ride the catch into a full squat provided there is no pause.  From the bottom of the squat, the athlete will explode up and push the bar overhead in one continuous motion until the arms are fully locked out overhead with arms in line with the ears and hips and knees in full extension.  No pause is allowed on the way up.

WOD 3 - "Surf’s Up"
 The paddling athlete will put on a life vest and climb, belly down, onto the bellyak.  Teammates can push them and the bellyak into the water.  Using the arms, the athlete will paddle the bellyak out to a buoy.  The athlete will round the buoy from the right side and circle back to their next waiting teammate who will then put on the life vest and paddle.  This occurs until the last paddler reaches shore and dismounts the bellyak.


WOD 4 - "100's" - 15:00 time cap
 Pull ups  - at the bottom of the pull-up, hang position, the arms must be fully extended and the feet may not touch the ground.  At the top of the pull up, the chin must clearly pass above the horizontal plane of the bar.  Strict, kipping, or butterfly pull ups will be allowed.  Mixed grip will be allowed, but “chin-ups” with both hands in an underhand grip are not allowed.

Ring rows - Rings will be set at a height of 40”.  Athlete starts in a standing position with feet

directly below the rings.  Athlete will grab rings and lean back until they reach full extension of

the arm.  No bend at the knee or the hip.  Bottom of the ring or any part of the hand must

touch the athletes chest before rep will count.

Wall balls  - From the bottom of a full depth, below parallel squat, the athlete will explode up

and launch the ball to the required height (10 feet men, 9 feet women) target.  No pause is

allowed on the way up but the athlete may catch the ball and pause at the top if they choose. 

The center of the ball must reach or go above the center of the target.


Hand release push ups – At the bottom of the push up, the chest must clearly hit the ground

and the hands must clearly come off the ground before the athlete can push themselves up to

the top of the movement.  Toes must remain in contact with the ground at all times.  At the

top, the elbows must be fully extended and no part of the body can be touching the ground

except for the toes.


Alternating OH lunges – The plate must be overhead but the arms do not have to be fully extended – however, no part of the plate can touch the athlete’s head or body.  The stationary lunge requires the back knee to touch the ground.  At the top of the movement the athlete must return to a position of full hip and knee extension.

 Plate hold – athletes holding plates while their teammates are working or resting must hold them against their chest / stomach (above the waist / below the shoulders)




*You must be over 18 years of age OR the parent/legal guardian of a minor under 18 years of age OR the legal guardian of an incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person in order to agree to the text above.

*ALL members of a team agree to the terms of the waiver when submitted.

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