Beer City Beatdown


Beatdown returns to the US Cellular Center in downtown Asheville October 7, 2017.

$400 per team 

Spectator tickets will be released as we get closer to the event.

Friday is free - Saturday is $7 - Kids under 12 free

4-Person Team Competition has Rx, Scaled and Masters (40+) divisions. Teams can consist of All-Male, All-Female or Co-Ed (2 Female, 2 Male).

Event Information


If you are traveling to Asheville for this event, use the link below to book your hotel and take advantage of special pricing.  These will fill up so book soon!

Beer City Beatdown WODs

WOD 1 - "Fortitude"

Teams will have 12 minutes for each athlete to find their heaviest complex.

3 Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Press

Squat Cleans and Thrusters will be permitted - for example the complex can look like:

2 Power Cleans, 1 Squat Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Thruster, 2 Push Press

If the athlete drops the bar at any point, the complex is voided. If the athlete fails to reach full depth in the Front Squat portion, the judge will allow them to repeat that element. If the athlete fails to lock out in the Push Press, the judge will allow them to repeat that element, as long as the athlete does not drop the bar at any point in the complex.

WOD 2 - "Inversion"

For time, Any split...

*RX - One athlete in freestanding handstand hold/one athlete spotting
  *Scaled/Masters - One athlete holding a plank and one athlete resting
  *Other two athletes working on chipper - One working at a time

100 kettlebell single arm overhead squats (53/35) (Scaled/Masters 150 Goblet Squats (35/26))

100 toes-to-bars 
  (Scaled/Masters option of 150 ab-mat sit-ups)

100 kettlebell single arm GTO (53/35) 
  (Scaled/Masters (35/26))

100 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  (Scaled/Masters pull-ups or 150 ring rows)

 Time cap: 16 minutes

WOD 3: “Ascension”


Teams will split into pairs and athletes will stay in those pairs for the duration of the workout.

The WOD is a 14:00 AMReps, split into 4 periods. Teams will be scored in 3 separate categories, each worth 50 points.

Period 1  4:00

Pair A: One athlete working at a time, accumulating as many reps as possible of:

-          Rope Climbs (Scaled/Masters option: 10 Hanging Knee Raises = 1 Rope Climb)

-          Snatches (Rx 135/95) (Scaled/Masters: 95/65)

-          Pairs can distribute work on these movements in any way they choose. For example, they can take turns snatching for the entire 4:00 and not attempt a single rope climb. 

Pair B: During this 4:00 period, ONE athlete from Pair B will complete a 500m Row time trial. The other athlete from Pair B will be resting.

Period 2  4:00

This period will be identical to Period 1, except the 2 athletes from Pair B will now share work in the Rope Climb/Snatch area, while one athlete from Pair A completes a 500m row time trail and the other from Pair A rests.

Period 3  3:00

Same as Period 1, only one minute shorter. However, the Pair B athlete that was resting during Period 1 will now complete their 500m row time trial.

Period 4  3:00

Same as Period 2, only one minute shorter. The Pair A athlete that was resting during Period 2 will now complete their 500m row time trial.

*each athlete must do a 500m row

*each team will receive 3 scores:

- total rope climbs (50 points)

- total snatches (50 points)

- total time for 4 x 500m row (50 points: Athlete A’s time + B’s time + C’s time + D’s time)




10 Minute Cap

 Sprint 50ft

30 Brute Ball Cleans Over Shoulder

Sprint 50ft

40 Brute Ball Thrusters (Scaled/Masters 40 Brute Ball Front Squats)

Sprint 50ft

50 Brute Force Burpees

150ft Bear Crawl Drags 

Weight calibration: 


100lbs/70lbs Brute Ball 

75lbs/45lbs Sandbag


70lbs/50lbs Brute Ball

45lbs/30lbs Sandbag 

This will be a team of 4 workout. 2 implements will be utilized during this workout and must be carried from station to station by the members of the team. 

Implement 1 – Brute Ball

Implement 2 – Sandbag

At the word go, the team will pick up the implements and run together to the first 50ft mark. 

NOTE: only 1 person can carry an implement at a time. They may hand off the gear anytime to share the burden. 

At the first marker the team must complete a total of 40 Brute Ball cleans over the shoulder. One 1 teammate can work at a time. The implement not being used must not touch the ground at any time. If the implement not being used touches the ground, a 15 second penalty will be applied and the team cannot start working until the 15 second penalty is up. 

Once the team has completed all the assigned reps they will move forward 50ft to the next station. They must move the implements in the same fashion as moving to the first station. 

From here, the team must complete 50 Brute Ball thrusters. Same rules apply as the first station. Only 1 teammate can work at a time, the implement not being used must not touch the ground, if it does then the same penalty will apply. An added element to this station is that the Brute Ball cannot touch the ground in anyway. The same penalty will apply if the Brute Ball touches the ground. 

Once all reps have been completed, the team must advance in the same fashion to the 3rd and final station.  There they will perform a total of 60 Brute Force Burpees. All the same rules apply. The sandbag is allowed to touch the ground at this station since it is a part of the movement. 

Once the team has completed all the assigned reps, the team must Bear Crawl drag the sandbag 150ft back to the starting line. The Brute Ball cannot touch the ground, only 1 teammate can work at a time, the team can share the bear crawl drag to accomplish the 150ft. Once both implements and team members have crossed the starting line, the time will then be stopped.

WOD Standards

Follow this link  for full workout and movement standards - WODs 1, 2, and 3.

Find the standards for WOD 4 sponsored by Brute Force Training here.

To see a video of the movements for Brute Force Training's "Thick & Quick" WOD, click on the link below.

brute force movements.mp4



*You must be over 18 years of age OR the parent/legal guardian of a minor under 18 years of age OR the legal guardian of an incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person in order to agree to the text above.

*ALL members of a team agree to the terms of the waiver when submitted.

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