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August 17, 2019

hosted by Southern Ground Fitness

1423 US Hwy 70 West  
Marion NC, 28752

$50 per athlete

Warriors at Home

Warriors at Home is dedicated to enriching the lives of veterans, caregivers, and their families by providing emotional support, fellowship, and appropriate resources to fit their needs. 

We have three main monthly  events, a Warrior Dinner, a Board Game Night, and a Recreational Event. 

Our Warrior Dinner provides an atmosphere of fellowship where we can all get together and enjoy each others company, swap stories, or lean on each other for emotional support. 

Our board game night provides another opportunity for fellowship and bonding while building skills such as strategy and problem solving. 

Our Recreational events offer a fun time for veterans and their families to get closer to each other as they can choose to stay together as a group or go off in their own family units and enjoy the event. These events range from anything as small as a movie to something as large as an out-of-state trip.

At any one of our monthly events, the veteran or caregiver has the opportunity for one-on-one peer support as well, if needed.

We also offer additional services based on individual needs. Some examples include: providing groceries to families in need, sending care packages to deployed soldiers or families in need, providing emergency financial relief, and more.

The Workouts

This unique competition will incorporate adaptive movements into all the workouts for all athletes!

The workouts:

Workout # 1 (8 am – 10 am)  

“I am the Weapon” 

Each athlete will perform the given movement for 90 seconds. 

A judge will write down the Athlete's score after the 90 seconds. 

An additional 30-second transition will take place between stations. 

There will be 4 stations: a Total of 6 minutes of Work 

There will be 4 Transitions: a Total of 2 minutes of transition time 

3 Athletes will be allotted to go at a time 

additional scaling can be added if needed

Station 1 (90 Seconds)

Maximum Calories on the Air Bike

Athlete Chooses to use Arms or Legs. The athlete may NOT Use both. The Athlete must use their choice of Arms or Legs for the entire 90 Seconds NO switching during the Workout. 

(30 Second transition)

Station 2 (90 Seconds)

All athletes will perform Maximum Reps of: 

Split Rope Jump Ropes , this is from a seated position 

Or for single Arm athletes one Arm Bar Jump Rope is allowed 

(30 Second Transition) 

Station 3 (90 Seconds)

All athletes will choose one Arm to perform Kettle bell Shoulder To Over Head.

Athletes must use the same arm for the entire workout NO switching arms during the workout. Athletes may use hip drive or abdominal crunching to help press the weight. 

RX weight for Men: 54 lb / Scaled weight for Men: 44lb

RX weight for Women: 44lb / Scaled Weight for Women: 35lb 

(30 Second Transition) 

Station 4 (90 Seconds )

Spear Toss From a seated position. Athletes perform as many spear tosses as possible with an arm of their choice. Athletes must use the same arm for each throw. Ropes will be attached to spears for easy re-throws.  The spear must STICK into the hay bail to count as a repetition.  A sprinkler will be spraying the athletes at this tis time. 


Workout # 2  (10:30 AM – 1:30 Pm ) 

 “ Hoss ” 

20-Minute Time Cap

1-Mile Run or Wheel 

50 Tire Sledge Hit 

100-Foot Sled Push

100-Foot Sled Pull 

Athletes will have 20 minute to perform the following movements

There will be a judge at each station 

3 athletes will be allotted to go at a time 

Movement 1: 

Wheelchair Athletes can row 1600 meters (arms only) or wheel one 1 Mile 

Non Wheelchair Athletes can row 1600 (arms only) or run 1 mile while wearing a 20lb vest for men and women scaled and rx. 

Movement 2: 

All athletes will hit a tractor tire 50 times with a sledgehammer. 

All athletes will use one arm to perform this movement. 

Rx Hammer 10lb men and women 

Scaled hammer 8lb men and women 

Movement 3: 

All Athletes will push a sled with on arm 100 foot 

Wheelchair Athletes: will have 0 plates on the sled 

Non-wheelchair athletes: 

RX Men: 90 lbs. 

Rx Women: 45lbs 

Scaled Men: 45lbs 

Scaled Women: 25lbs 

All Athletes will pull a sled with one arm 100 foot 

Wheelchair Athletes: will have 0 on the sled 

Non-wheelchair athletes: 

RX Men: 90 lbs. 

Rx Women: 45lbs 

Scaled Men: 45lbs 

Scaled Women: 25lbs 

RX Men: 90 lbs. 

Rx Women: 45lbs 

Scaled Men: 45lbs 

Scaled Women: 25lbs 

Workout  #3 (2:00pm  – 4:00pm) 

“ Grace Met Fran “ 

30-Minute Time Cap 

30 - 21 – 15 – 9 

Clean and Jerks 


Movement 1 

All athletes must use 1 arm to perform clean and jerks 

The weight must be cleaned / racked 

The weight must be pressed overhead with full extension of the elbow

Athletes must use the same arm for the entire workout for all movements 

Movement 2

All athletes must use 1 arm to perform thrusters 

The athlete must clean the weight up to the rack position, squat to past parallel and stand and press the weight overhead into full elbow and hip extension. 

Athletes must use the same arm for the entire workout


Wheel chair athletes can modify as needed for the thrusters. 

Participants that Lack Range of motion in the squat of the thruster will have a minus of (150 points) 

Athletes May choose to use a Dumbbell, Kettle bell or Barbell 

RX Men: 65lbs 

Rx Women: 45 Lbs. 

Scaled Men: 45 Lbs. 

Scaled Women: 25Lbs 



30minutes = 1800 seconds 

Every second is minus 1 point. 

An athlete that finishes the WOD at 10:30 with no weight have a score of 1,170 points.


1 Lb. = 5 Points

An athlete using a 45 lb. barbell would receive 225points.  

Weight and time: 

An athlete who finishes with 10:30 time at a weight of 45lb would have a score of 1,395 Points. 

Agreement and Waiver

IMPORTANT! Please read before registering!


*You must be over 18 years of age OR the parent/legal guardian of a minor under 18 years of age OR the legal guardian of an incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person in order to agree to the text above.

*ALL members of a team agree to the terms of the waiver when submitted.

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